8+ Stuning Wooden Home with Sea View Located in Russian Village Pribylovo

Constructed in 2017, this wooden home is situated in Russian village Pribylovo about the interior Vyborg gulf shore) With a single side facing the ocean in the north facing the water border, a local legislation and the website constraints formed a streamlined three-leveled home. The floor floor is split to an entry and centre zone, together with the staircase, and broad living/dining/kitchen zone, with a totally translucent wall into the ocean and a future outdoor terrace. The next floor includes 4 bedrooms, although the next floor is a studio with just another huge window looking to the sea. The floor floor includes routine wooden vertical walls, sheathed with raw walnut planks, whereas the next and the next floors are coated by brushed metal roofing with Velux windows. The big Mid wall, facing the sea includes one complete broad panoramic glass wall with shutters on the floor floor, a small opening to its master bedroom and big studio window.

image source: pinterest.com

Mada Skya